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A covenant of mutual support between the Methodist Church in Cuba and the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church was signed by both Bishops and ratified in May 1997. The churches of the Florida Conference were asked: “Is a sister church relationship with a church in Cuba the right mission for you?” Satellite Beach UMC was one of the first to answer “yes” and to enter into a covenant with the Iglesia Metodista Mir, Cuba.

To make that commitment, the following information was provided:

Biblical justification:

Acts 1:8:  “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Thus we are called to witness locally, regionally (nationally) and globally.

Historical justification:

Methodism began in Cuba in the late 1880’s when the Florida Conference sent missionaries to Havana.  By the time of the revolution, the Methodist church was the largest in Cuba, and was part of the Florida Conference until 1968.  The Cuban Bishop and the Bishop of the Florida Conference signed a covenant of mutual support in 1997.

Spiritual justification:

There is a powerful evangelical revolution taking place in Cuba, and we have been given an incredible opportunity to join in the amazing work of God in that country.  With the loosening of restrictions by the government, the Methodist church is again experiencing phenomenal growth, but they need our help.

Cuba is a third-world country where no one starves, but there is really not enough to survive.  They have no reliable food, medicine, housing, transportation, communication, dependable electricity, water, etc.—all of the things we take for granted.  Yet they daily demonstrate a strong faith and sure knowledge that the Lord will provide their physical needs, while they focus on the spiritual.

On a mission trip to Cuba, one is surrounded by the very real presence of the Holy Spirit, continually hearing about and witnessing miracles, and returns with the sure knowledge that these wonderful people give far more than they could ever get from us.

Our relationship with the Methodist church, its pastors, missionaries, and people, continues to grow and thrive, with visits to us by our Cuban pastors, and visits by us to our church in Mir. We need and welcome your support of this vital ministry and welcome your participation in any way you feel led. You will be the recipient of immeasurable blessings.

How You Can Help

  1. Prayer & communication
  2. Support a missionary
  3. Financial support
    • Food & clothing
    • Expenses for mission trips
    • Expenses of sending necessities to our brothers & sisters in Cuba
    • Sponsor a special project of the church
  4. Women’s prayer & craft group
  5. Building projects for Sunday School rooms & kitchen
  6. Transportation for people in outlying missions to attend church & worship with others
  7. Transportation for our pastor to reach all 16 Missions
  8. Support for the Senior lunch program & provisions for neediest

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