Contemporary Worship Choir (CWC)

Music Directors Sharon Maslin and Eric Ruoff are joining efforts to offer
SBUMC’s first ever Contemporary Worship Choir (CWC).

Sharon and I

CWC will give our congregation members the opportunity to participate musically
without committing to a full time music program such as our Worship Band or Chancel Choir.

CWC will focus on the 5th Sunday services at the 9:00 Celebration.

What Can You Expect?
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CWC is a short term commitment with only 3 rehearsals and 1 performance.
SATB with soloist and full instrumentation (Piano, Keyboards, 2 Violins, Cello, Drums).
CWC will email you a zip file with all sheet music prior to the first rehearsal.
We welcome all people from all skill levels: never sung before to advanced.
We welcome all ages from 10 to 97+ years old.
Child care will be provided during each gathering from 6:00-8:30 p.m. in the nursery.

What Do You Get From This Experience?
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CWC will be able to offer you 2 music directors
attention to detail for training and teaching musicality.

CWC will provide devotions grounding your rehearsals
with a foundation of true biblical worship.

Participants will experience, encounter, and explore worship
more deeply through the gift of music.

What Are You Committing To?
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CWC expects that participants come with a heart to worship God.
CWC expects that participants commit to all three rehearsals and the performance date.
CWC expects participates to have a willing heart, mind and soul to grow musically & spiritually.
CWC expects all participants to respect and behave in a manner that is Glorifying to God.
CWC expects that participants practice and learn their music prior to rehearsal:
*Rehearsals are meant for fine tuning, shouldn’t be the first time you hear or attempt a song.
You are committing only to the dates advertised for each performance date.
(i.e. July 31st advertisement below)

Where Do You Sign Up?
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You can contact our Director of Worship Christopher Powers at


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